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شیر فشار شکن برنجی RBM ایتالیا

شیر فشار شکن برنجی RBM ایتالیا

شیر فشار شکن برنجی RBM ( آر بی ام ایتالیا )

کاهنده فشار RBM ایتالیا سری ۸۷

۸۷ – Adjustable pressure reducing valve with single stainless steel seat and compensated piston operation. Suitable for water channelling.

سایز :

  • ۱/۲ الی ۲ اینچ

مشخصات کلی محصول :

Nickel plated brass body.
Stainless steel AISI 303.
Elastomer seals.
Threaded connections FF UNI-EN-ISO 228.
Pressure gauge connection F 1/4″.

Nominal pressure 25 Bar
Max upstream pressure 25 Bar
Adjustable downstream pressure 0.5 ÷ ۷ Bar (with inlet pressure of 8 Bar)
Max operating temperature 80 °C

TEA® treatment Definition: electro-deposited alloy, very stable; it replaces the classical electrolytic nickel-chromium. It complies with the limitations imposed by the international regulations in terms of water water intended for human consumption.

Features: Great corrosion resistance, both in acidic and alkaline environment and anti-magnetic properties that ensure great dezincification resistance.
It slows down the production of Limestone.
It complies with potability prerequisites.

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